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Why I do what I do

1992 - Middle Income Household.  My dad worked for the local Sheriff’s Department.  My step-mom Gail worked with Kaiser.

I was the oldest of 3 kids in the house.

We had a very normal life.  Dad did dad things with the boys:  sports, home improvements, games, etc.  Gail was the rock of the house.  Always even-keeled and sensible.  Great mom.  Loved her daughter Tara more than anything.

Our Primary Purpose

Fast forward to 2003.  I was in my early 20’s here in SD.  My dad calls and says “Cory, I’ve got some bad news.  Gail went in the hospital for a routine check-up (the same hospital where she worked), and she was diagnosed with Leukemia”   

Being young and completely involved in my own life, I didn’t really know what that meant.

They elected to fight the disease.  She fought and fought, but her system didn’t hold up.  She was gone a month later.

Needless to say, that did a number on the family.  My sister was 14, and if there is ever a time when a girl needs her mom in a house full of boys…….it’s then.

Client Centered

My dad and I didn’t talk finance back then.  This was just before I entered finance.  But I worried a bit.  As time went on I noticed a few things.  There were no longer random comments about paying the mortgage.  While my brother and I had student loans to get us through college, Tara graduated as a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug, completely debt free.  As a matter of fact she just bought her first home.  My dad was able to advance Retirement from the long-planned age of 55, to 50 to spend as much time as he can with us, traveling the world along the way.

I thought more about how this happened.  I knew Gail made more money.  That’s when I remembered Scott.  Scott was a guy who came to the house every so often and sat with my parents in the kitchen and talked Adult Things.  I had no interest..I was watching the A’s game.  I probably saw Scott 6-7 times over the years.  I then figured it out.  “He was their financial planner”  He is the one who helped my parents prepare.   His contributions allowed for everything I just mentioned.

I’ve seen firsthand what planning can do for a family.  The Morrison story could have ended very differently had my parents not engaged with Scott.  And we are thankful everyday for it.


My mission is to pay it forward and protect as many families and businesses as I can.

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